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Hierarchical Cluster Engine PHP Client Interface API
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hce_kvdb_api.inc.php File Reference

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namespace  HCE


 HCE_KVDB_request ($request_array, $connection_array=null)
 HCE_KVDB_prepare_post_request ($request_array)
 HCE_KVDB_parse_response ($response_body)
 HCE_KVDB_prepare_request_array ($type, $documents)
 HCE_KVDB_import_from_xml_file ($file)
 HCE_KVDB_import_from_json_file ($file)
 HCE_KVDB_highlight_hashes_add ($documents, $command, $log=0, $timeout=HCE_HLTR_FIELD_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT, $fields_to_highlight=array('TITLE', 'H', 'ALT', 'BODYS', 'BODYN', 'META', 'REF', 'URL'))


 defined ('JSON_USE_BASE64') or define('JSON_USE_BASE64'

Function Documentation

HCE_KVDB_highlight_hashes_add (   $documents,
  $log = 0,
  $fields_to_highlight = array('TITLE', 'H', 'ALT', 'BODYS', 'BODYN', 'META', 'REF', 'URL') 

Definition at line 248 of file hce_kvdb_api.inc.php.

HCE_KVDB_import_from_json_file (   $file)

Definition at line 233 of file hce_kvdb_api.inc.php.

HCE_KVDB_import_from_xml_file (   $file)

Definition at line 181 of file hce_kvdb_api.inc.php.

HCE_KVDB_parse_response (   $response_body)

Definition at line 129 of file hce_kvdb_api.inc.php.

HCE_KVDB_prepare_post_request (   $request_array)

Definition at line 118 of file hce_kvdb_api.inc.php.

HCE_KVDB_prepare_request_array (   $type,

Definition at line 140 of file hce_kvdb_api.inc.php.

HCE_KVDB_request (   $request_array,
  $connection_array = null 

Definition at line 79 of file hce_kvdb_api.inc.php.

Variable Documentation


Define and init kv-db http request timeout ms.

Define and init kv-db error codes.

Define and init kv-db http request names.

Define and init kv-db http request protocol json fields names

Define and init kv-db http request connection array

Define and init kv-db import functionality definitions

Define and init kv-db highlighter options

Definition at line 17 of file hce_kvdb_api.inc.php.