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IOIX Ukraine Distributed and Parallel Computing Department is a small team of professionals in area of distributed data processing, search engines, data mining, asynchronous networking, parallel computations, string operations, hierarchical network structures architectures and many other areas and design for Linux OS using OOP solutions in C++, PHP and Python languages.

We have 10-years experience of search systems development, data mining and analysis multi-service solution included complete life-time processing of the webpage from creation to process: crawling, indexation, search, real-time update, resources aging, external data processing and so on. We have build complete closed solution with own networking interaction and sockets polling model, parallel data processing model, storage engine, indexation engine and distributed index structure and many more.

The next step of team life – it is HCE project and several products developed on the basis of the common conception.

At present time the DC service and related solutions like an administration console and public API are most actual areas of a team’s efforts.


  • Head of the project: Gennady Baranov
  • Permanent full time participants: Alexandr Vybornyh, Pavel Samokish, Alexandr Skuridin
  • Permanent part time participants: –
  • Freelance participants: –
  • Past participants: Andrey Lapshov, Alexey Nidzelskyi, Steven Ou, Alexandr Grabko, Igor Savonik, Eduard Bondarenko, Sergey Taran, Andrew Degtyaryov, Alexey Frangev
  • Past freelance participants: Valery Sedletski, MaDk, Nikolay Kondratyev, Katherine Baranova, Lubov Shalimiva, Maxim Kondratjev


Person (alphabetic order) Role in project
Alexandr Vybornyh Senior C++ Developer, QA engineer, Tester, Build Automation Administrator
Alexey Franzhev
Middle web UI LAMP platform developer
Gennady Baranov Senior Project Architect, System Analyst, Senior C++ Developer, Senior PHP Developer, Senior Python developer, QA Engineer, Tester, Development Process Administrator (svn, git, jira, odesk), System Administrator, Team Leader, SCRUM Product Owner, SCRUM Master, Project Manager, Project supervisor, Technical Writer (including Project Sites Content Administrator, Information Support Manager, Public Relations Manager), Product Marketing Strategy Analyst, Statistical algorithms engineer, NLP algorithms engineer.
Lubov Shalimova QA engineer, tester, documentation writer
Maxim Kondratjev System administrator, QA engineer, Deployment product administrator, tester
Pavel Samokish LAMP platform Developer

Developer’s team mailbox: developers.hce@gmail.com