HCE project components can be installed from source code tarballs (required build on target host, depends on C++ build environment) and as packages for Debian and Centos Linux (now suspended). HCE package includes the Bundle archive with complete set of tools and scenarios for simple single-host cluster: create, run, manage and full functional test as well as API bindings for the PHP and Python languages. Also two main applied solutions based on DRCE cluster – the Distributed Crawler (DC) service and the Distributed Tasks Manager (DTM) services provided. Both are ready to be integrated in to the target project environment also DC requires DTM as dependency.

Also, several pre-configured VM images for VMware and VirtualBox are uploaded to get start process faster.  The user name is “root” and password is the same. The target user for DTS archive is “hce”, password the same. VM files zipped at here

The source code tarballs and archives including the DTS archive as separated file

The Android client informational application executable hce-dc-info can be downloaded and used to check state of crawling per site or per installation system.

Installation manual for Debian 7.x, 8.x amd64 Linux

Installation manual for Debian 9.x, 10.x and Ubuntu 17.x, 18.x amd64 Linux

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