Hierarchical Cluster Engine Project


HCE project logo smallHCE engine can be used to construct hierarchical network transport structures (mesh or tree) with several relation types between nodes, formalize the data flow goes from upper node level central source point to down nodes and backward, formalize the management requests handling from multiple source points, support native reducing of multiple nodes results (aggregation, duplicates elimination, sorting and so on). Internally supports powerful full-text search engine and data storage.

It provides transactions-less and transactional requests processing, support flexible run-time changes of cluster infrastructure.

Supports bindings for many languages of client-side integration API and many mode, and all in one small and fast product build on C++ language.

Now implementation covers bindings for the PHP and Python languages and applied services Distributed Crawler (DC) and Distributed Tasks Manager (DTM) – are under development progress mainly.

This project is successor of Associative Search Machine (ASM) full-text web search engine project that was developed from 2006 to 2012 by IOIX Ukraine.


HCE implements hierarchical networking and parallel data processing with MOM-oriented pattern of inter- and inproc requests handling architecture.

Core of HCE implemented as binary executable written on pure C++ with usage of modern patterns and libraries like POCO C++ Framework, STL C++11, ZMQ, and so on…

Management tools, API and scenarios for administration of typical operations are implemented on several languages like PHP and Python using structural and OOP styles.


All parts of HCE provided according with GPL2 license.



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