PHP API developer

We’re hiring for long term cooperation an OOP PHP developer of client-side and end-user level API for our project.

Job description:

Command-line management tools and functional tests applications developer. Automation tools scripts developer. Server side scripting to support web front-end. To design and to implement API solutions for existing server-side and client applications.

Required skills:

  • php5 – strong.
  • php5 standard libraries – strong.
  • OOP – strong.
  • Unit-tests – strong,
  • Structured data formats usage, like json and xml – strong.
  • Development process tools like BT(Mantis), Versioning (svn, git) – strong.
  • Development documenting like UML diagrams, doxygen, phpdoc – good.
  • Linux scripting shell – good.
  • Apache server side scripting – basic.
  • Network libraries like zmq – basic.
  • Streaming data processing – basic.

Linux system user knowledge:

  • Command shell – good.
  • Basic networking, TCP/IP, sockets – strong.
  • Application profiling, system resources monitoring – strong.

Theoretical knowledge:

  • Client-server protocols definitions and architectures – strong.
  • REST and SOAP understanding – good.
  • HTTP – good.
  • Cluster and cloud technologies – basic.
  • Distributed data processing – basic.
  • Full text search – basic.


  • English: technical reading, writing – middle.

FOR Potential candidate, we require to complete free small test task (please mention in your bid if you’re ready to do it) to confirm your skills level:

Test task for API developer vacancy:

  1. Check existing structural code and create report of your understanding of existing client-server model. Draw UML diagrams: Objects, classes and sequence.
  2. Design and implement OOP representation of structural code that covers all existing functionality. Make minimal description of implementation.



We’re looking forward a good software engineer to join our interesting project for long term cooperation!